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Aquatic Aerobics Teacher Training

Aqua Dynamic Fitness Teacher Training

We run aqua-dynamic fitness teacher training throughout the year either here in Dublin, or on site, for in-house training.

Dates for 2020

Next shallow water course 8th & 9th April.

Aqua Dynamic Fitness Teacher Training

If you teach exercise or aerobics or manage a centre then you have come to the right place.  We run aqua aerobics teacher training course throughout the year either here in Dublin or on site for in-house training.

The focus of the aqua-dynamic fitness teacher training course is to teach existing land instructors the essential skills for transitioning from land to water.  Our focus is to provide opportunities to learn the skills required to lead safe and effective water exercise classes.  Gwen offers her extensive knowledge and teaching experience to all instructors who share the desire to gain more knowledge in the aquatic field.

This course is unique because it arms participants with a formula which will help them to choreograph safe and effective classes which will improve participants cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance and increase range of motion at the joints. This formula is a tool which can be used for every class to judge its effectiveness. For further information contact Gwen Ph 0878256717

Would you like to host on site training for your staff?

The following information outlines the procedure to book in-house training for your centre.  Please read the information below and  if you need any further information contact Gwen Bolger

Step 1:  The initial contact and request for training needs to occur at least 4 weeks prior to the event.  The timeline does depend on how fast we make decisions and exchange contracts.

Step 2:  You need to decide which hosting option you want to use  

Hosting option 1: I can come and teach for a flat fee and you will organise up to ten people for the course.  These people can either be from your club or a number of clubs.

I will need pool time as follows: 1 hour in the morning and 2 in the afternoon on day one and 2 hours pool time in the morning and afternoon on day two.  I will also need a lecture room with screen for projector for the rest of the time.

Hosting option 2: I organise the training for your club and you provide me with the pool time as above and and room for lectures around the pool time and in return I provide two free spaces for your staff.